Who’s up for a “friendly” game of Monopoly, Pope & Land style?

Pope & Land Real Estate

By: Pat Becker, Marketing

What happens when the Chairman, two Co-CEOs, a Senior Managing Development Partner and the CFO of Pope & Land Real Estate decide to have dinner together for the first time in the 40+ year history of the company? The results may surprise you.

A. J. Land, Jay Land, Larry Kelly, Mason Zimmerman and Tim Weber of Pope & Land Real Estate recently celebrated a closing in an unorthodox way. At a private dinner in the Kennesaw Room at the Georgian Club, the five commercial real estate professionals, with decades of experience, gathered to celebrate the sale of a package of office buildings in Town Center. Little did the group know that their night out was going to conclude with a “friendly” round of “The Landlord’s Game”, Monopoly, compliments of Mason Zimmerman. No real cash was exchanged, but the stakes were high, Bragging Rights. Although the game proved to be highly competitive, only one would be declared the winner at the end of the night by having the most money…financial mastermind A. J. Land. His strategy to winning…hotels, hotels, hotels and maybe a little good old-fashioned real estate luck.